I decided to hit the road again today to see if I could get a decent shot of the HOLLYWOOD sign. I did a google search for ‘hollywood sign’ and found hollywoodsign.org. They had a few suggestions for where to go to get a good picture, but I decided on the Lake Hollywood one. Here is one of many shots I got: I had planned to go to the shopping centre at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highlands Blvd, but parking was an absolute nightmare and I didn’t need that stress so I opted to just keep driving and head back to the hotel. Lots of stuff to do before tomorrow morning anyways. […]

Sunny California

I got the word from work that I had to make a trip to a customer site to replace some hardware and monitor the system for a while. The beauty part is that the Customer is located near LA, California! So here I am in sunny California. I flew into LAX and picked up my rental car. The woman at the rental place asked me if I was ok with taking a Mustang convertible. Ummm…yeah, I think I can handle that. After picking up the car, I consulted my Google Maps route to get me to the hotel I was staying at in Long Beach. Carlson Waglonlit had booked me into the Holiday Inn on Atlantic Ave. Here was the view from my room’s window. […]

Stop in Kaikoura

We made it to the south island. We got up this morning to a very cloudy and slightly rainy Wellington. Picton (where the ferry lands on the south island) was about the same weather. However, as soon as we started driving south, the weather cleared up, just like it always does when we drive south. :) Right now we are in Kaikoura. We stopped here for lunch and while we were here I figured I’d get the pictures transferred to a CD and update the blog at the same time. Our plan is to head down to Christchurch tonight and then set out from there tomorrow morning on a three day driving trip which will end in Queenstown. Along the way we go through Arthur’s Pass, the Franz Josef glacier, Fox glacier, etc… […]


Well we made it. It’s nearly 2300 but we’re here. We’re staying at the Hotel Wellington which is downtown. Everyone we had talked to today seemed to think that we wouldn’t be able to find a room anywhere in the city because of the Rugby game tomorrow but I was never worried. I kept telling Amy not to worry…that we had the luck of the Irish with us. Turns out, no luck was needed, I’m sure this place, and a bunch more hotels, have more than one room available tonight. So since the last update (earlier today) we went to visit Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland on our way down to Wellington. Actually, before even getting there, we stopped so I could climb a very large hill that was along the highway. It was just calling out to me. :) […]

Paihia, Dolphins and Rotorua

Well it’s been a few days now since our last update. We’re down here in Rotorua for the afternoon. Didn’t get a chance to update earlier because I just wasn’t prepared to pay the high amounts they wanted for internet access. It’s either a bit cheaper here or else I’ve caved somewhat. So after we left Auckland we headed up to Paihia (sp?) for our dolphin adventure. The drive up to Paihia was amazing! Lots of steep and winding roads, reminded me a lot of driving through the mountains in Mexico actually. Great scenery too. On our way, we stopped at a cave where there were glow worms. Got a nice tour of the cave by Edward before continuing on to Paihia. Unfortunately my pictures from the cave didn’t turn out at all, so you’re going to have to go and see the worms for yourself. Very cool. […]

Chillin’ in Auckland

It’s five after eight in the evening in Auckland right now. Amy and I just finished a nice meal and are about to head to bed. Yes, it’ll be an early night for us tonight, but we did a lot today. Got into Auckland at around six this morning. Total travel time to get here was around 28 hours including all the stopovers. Anyways, after picking up our rental (a Toyota Echo) and figuring out how to drive it, we headed for the city. I’m not going to say we got lost, but lets say we took a more scenic route than we originally planned. Please note that we were ALWAYS headed in the right direction, just not always on the street we wanted to be on. :) […]

Waiting in Vancouver…

Well our trip almost ended before it began. Tricia dropped us off at the Ottawa airport this morning and we went to check in with Air Canada. When we got up to the counter and the girl checked our names in the computer she said, “All your flights have been cancelled…you need to go talk to Dawn in purchasing.” So we went over to talk to Dawn and she got us all fixed up. Apparently it was a screw-up by Algonquin when they booked the tickets. Anyways, we need to confirm our flights back when we get into Auckland. If we don’t come back…you’ll all know why. So far, except for that little scare this morning, the trip has been good. I’m really liking OUR (Amy has scolded me multiple times for saying MY) new camera. I did end up buying the Canon Powershot S2 IS that I was talking about with Boris. So far…pretty sweet! […]

Tickets to NZ booked!

We booked our tickets to NZ yesterday. We still have to figure out what we’re doing while we’re there but I’m not too worried about that. We’ve booked a car for the 11 days we’re spending in NZ and we hope to see as much as possible. I’ve been asking people who’ve been there for suggestions on things to do and so far we’ve gotten a bunch of ideas. I asked Boris to ask Shayne (who is from NZ) for some ideas and he came back with a bunch of info. I haven’t really had time to digest everything yet but I’ve still got a month to figure everything out. So anyways, I’m really excited about this trip, I think it’s gonna be awesome! Now I just have to figure out how the hell we are going to pay for it. :) […]

BC Trip – The Wedding, Capilano, and Phosphorescence

Sunday, the day of the wedding, we got up late and headed down to our private dock for a quick swim and some fun diving pictures. There was a black lab at the dock who was enjoying the water too. We’d throw a stick in the water for him and he’d jump in to get it. Then he’d have to swim all the way back to shore, jump back up on the far end of the dock, and bring the stick back to us. Once he dropped the stick relatively close to us, he’d start barking until one of us picked up the stick and threw it again. Poor guy – wouldn’t even jump from the high part of the dock. Ellie would have put him to shame! […]

BC Trip – Getting there and pre wedding stuff

Well it’s been nearly two weeks now since I got back from my trip out west. I’ve been meaning to post about it, but it feels like I haven’t had a chance to just sit down and relax since I got back. I’m there now though, sitting back with a beer, getting ready to type out a regular ‘Kevin Story’. Warning…this is gonna be a long one! It all started on Friday, July 30th around 2 in the afternoon. Our (Dave and me) flight wasn’t until 4:35 or so, but I like to get to the airport early, just in case. As it turned out, 2 hours early wasn’t really necessary, but like I said, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Bonnie was nice enough to come and pick us up at work and drive us to the airport. I got to sit in the back of the car with Maya who wasn’t too impressed with being forced to sit so close to me. :) […]