Apple TV – Finally!

Apple TV

Late last year I borrowed a friend’s Apple TV and wrote up a post about my experience with it and what I felt was missing. At the end of the post I basically said that despite its shortcomings, that I would still like to get one, but that I’d likely wait until after MacWorld, just in case… Well that is exactly what happened, and instead of me purchasing it myself, Amy bought one for me! How awesome is that?!

My initial thoughts still stand and I still think Apple could easily improve the product with a few software updates. However, in addition to what I was able to try out back in November, I’ve also installed Boxee onto my Apple TV and that has definitely added to it. Boxee is constantly improving – for instance they just added ABC to their list of content (in 720p no less) – so things are only going to get better and better. As for my old MG-35, I’ve moved it down into the basement for use with the old 32″ Sony CRT, so it certainly hasn’t been discarded.

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