Liam’s first trip to Emergency

It was bound to happen I guess – the inevitable trip to emergency with Liam. He’s a pretty high energy little guy and he loves to climb and run, and you can pretty much always find some scrapes and bruises on him from various mis-steps. Anyways, today while we were walking through a parking lot on our way to the car, he was holding onto my hand. He started lowering himself (crouching) so that he was hanging by his right arm. I pulled him up and swung him a bit forward to get him back on his feet. He thought that was a great game – so he did it a few more times. I really should have known better than to continue playing this particular ‘game’, but well… Anyways, on the last one (of course it was the last…I should say the third time) I felt something, like maybe two bones rubbing together and after that, Liam’s mood immediately changed. He started kind of whining, not outright crying, just sort of whining. We put him in the car and drove home. When we got home, he didn’t seem to want to use his right arm for anything, he just let it hang by his side. Well…it didn’t take long before we decided that we had better go to see the doctor. We hadn’t actually planned to go to the hospital, we were hoping to just go to our regular drop-in clinic, but sadly it was closed when we drove by.

When we got to the hospital, we were just going to ask the triage nurse if we should stay or simply go find a clinic somewhere, and she said we might as well stay since we were already there. It didn’t take long, maybe 10 minutes, before the triage nurse actually had time to sit down with us. After that, it was maybe another 5 minutes before getting registered. We went straight from registration to a small waiting room with a few other people. There was a young girl (and her parents) who had fallen off a horse and broke her arm and another older couple – not sure what the woman was there for. Anyways, Liam had a great time playing with the older gentleman, even calling him Grampie a few times. :)

I think we waited maybe 45 minutes in the small waiting room before a doctor came to check on Liam. We told him what happened and he said that he figured it was “nursemaid’s elbow”, which is something that can happen to children quite commonly. Basically a ligament in the arm gets pushed out of place and stuck behind a bone – or something like that. He said that it is quite commonly misconceived as a dislocated elbow. Anyways, he took Liam’s elbow in his hands and did some manipulation – which Liam didn’t seem to mind much (he’s such a tough guy) until the very end – and then voila! Liam was completely back to normal! It was amazing the transformation. Whereas before he would whine if he moved his arm at all, after the doctor did whatever it was that he did, he was back to climbing on the chairs and running around, just being Liam.

The doctor sent Liam for an x-ray of his elbow, ‘just for completeness’ before he let us go. The x-ray showed that nothing was wrong and Liam was definitely back to his normal self. The doctor, Dr. Montgomery, was fantastic! He took the time to explain everything to us and was just generally a really nice guy. He had a good sense of humour about everything and left us feeling like we made the right choice for bringing Liam in. That being said, he did say that if it happens again to maybe wait a couple of hours to see if it sorts itself out, which quite often it will apparently.

So – we were in and out within a couple of hours! That’s pretty damn good if you ask me! It cost us $13 in parking fees, but that’s nothing when you consider we went in with a little boy who was hurting and left with a little boy who was happy as a clam!

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  • danakean

    ….when i saw your facebook statuses! I am so glad Liam is back to normal and recovered so quickly. I have made a mental note as to how easily this could happen with our kids!!!

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