Liam’s Christening

getting baptized

Liam took the plunge, so to speak, on Saturday and got Baptized. Many thanks to everyone who came to witness the event, including both sets of grandparents (who travelled from NB), his aunts and uncles on his mom’s side and the usual suspects (the Lawsons, the Masons and the Herages minus she-rage). We would also like to thank John and Dana for agreeing to become Liam’s Godparents. And a special thanks to my mom who made Liam’s Christening gown.

The mass and Baptism were performed by Father Stephen Amesse and as my mom said, “Father Stephen’s explanation of Baptism is the best I’ve ever heard.” We’re glad Father Stephen was granted an extension here at Holy Spirit Parish until the new church is built. Our only regret is that Liam’s Baptism took place in a high school gym (our current ‘church’ until the new one is built) but oh well, it’s not the end of the world.

Liam would also like to thank everyone for the generous gifts they gave him.

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  • Katie

    Liam’s aunt and uncles on his father’s side may have been in attendance too, if they had been invited.

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