An injury 2 weeks before the marathon!

12 Mile Run

As you can see from the photo on the left, the long run for this week was another 12 mile run. Not so bad in the big picture, I remember when I used to dread long runs of that length, and definitely a reprive from the 20 miles of the previous weekend. Anyways, I was lucky enough to get some company for the run – both Dave and Grant ran with me, or perhaps they’d say I ran with them. In either case, the weather was one of those perfect days for running (except for the wind) – cloudy and cool. I over dressed somewhat (wore my jacket and rad pants instead of a long sleeve shirt and shorts) but no so much that it really bothered me. I’m hoping for similar weather for race day.

Anyways, as the title of this post suggests, I ran into trouble (pun definitely intended) on this outing. It wasn’t until somewhere around mile 7 or 8 that I noticed it, but with 4 or 5 miles left to run, my left knee was definitely bothering me. I’ve had small issues with my knee in the past, but nothing I haven’t been able to run through without suffering any ill effects. This time was different. By the time we had maybe a two miles left to go I was in some serious pain. On our next scheduled walking break (they had been every 15 minutes and lasting 30 seconds) I told Grant to keep going and I took a full minute for this one. The break definitely helped and I was able to finish the run but my knee was killing me.

After stretching at Grant’s place, I jumped into the truck and drove home, my knee didn’t bother me on the way home so I was feeling good. However, when I went to get out of the truck and walk on it – ouch! It bothered me throughout the rest of Saturday and into today – I even woke up a few times last night when I moved my knee the wrong way. I’m going to try my best to rest up and I’m definitely going to try to get in to see my doctor early this week to get his opinion. I’m sure I’ve felt this same pain in my knee before (maybe after I’ve banged it pretty good) and I’m hoping (desperately) that this will pass quickly and wont affect my race in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure I’ll be running the race regardless – but this could seriously affect my time. :(

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  • Turns out the earliest I can get in to see my doctor is June 2nd – a bit late to help me out…

  • Oscargas

    I have been trying to access your blog to find out about your marathon run. The last two days I couldn’t connect to it for some reason. So let me know how you made out

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