Drive up the coast

I got started later than I wanted to yesterday – I left Long Beach at 1000 instead of 0900 like I originally planned. Then my planned route to get to Hwy 1 took me longer than I thought it would so the end result of all that was that I didn’t make it to Andy and Irene Anne’s place until 2000 – a full 10 hour trip.

The drive was great! There were parts of it that weren’t anything to write home about, but the 100 miles or so south of Monterey were fantastic! Typical mountain roads – just like the roads through the mountains in NZ. I loved it!

As for today – Andy keeps telling me that this is the first day it’s rained since he moved here. Can you believe that?! It’s not pouring or anything, but it definitely is raining and overcast. Doesn’t make any difference to our plans though – we’re going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Looking forward to it. I just hope the weather is nice for tomorrow because we’re going flying over San Francisco! Pictures to follow naturally. :)

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