T-minus ? until flight test…

Went flying with Brad again today. Talk about a beautiful day! The club still hasen’t got their new fuel tank straightened out so that caused a bit of a delay, but they got the esso truck to come down and fill us up, so it was all good.

Started the flight with a soft field takeoff and then went out to the practice area for…practice – how about that! Started with a little slow flight, followed by a few stalls, and then a forced approach and also a precautionary approach. After that we did a couple of spiral dives and then a forward slip before heading back in. For the landing, it was a short field landing.

All in all, a pretty good day if you ask me! I was very happy with how I did today. My flight test could be as early as this Wednesday (weather isn’t looking too good) or not until sometime next week. It all depends on weather and Bill’s schedule.

I had some more practice time scheduled for tomorrow, but thanks to G.W. Bush, we’re not allowed to do any flying tomorrow. First the guys makes it so Amy has to work all day tomorrow so she misses Greg’s birthday dinner and now he screws me out of some quality practice time before my flight test. I tell ya, I like this guy less and less every day!

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