2+ hours in the practice area

Left work a bit early on Wednesday so I could do a little flying. Got to the club just before 2 and was hoping the winds had died down a bit like they were supposed to. The METAR was saying that they were gusting up to 15 knots (the limit for solo flight for a student) but when we listened to the ATIS, it was saying only 10 knots.

Brad gave me a list of things to work on while I was out in the practice area. Specifically – slow flight, power off stalls, power on stalls, steep turns and forward slips. I was finding the hardest thing for me to do was the damn HASEL check before every exercise.

I spent most of my time on the Quebec side of the river, between Luskville and the VOR (for the first half hour between the VOR and Breckenridge and for the next hour or so between Breckenridge and Luskville). For my last half hour or so, since there was nobody over there and since I figured I’d have to go back in over BC, I headed over and worked between Constance Bay and Constance Lake. As it turned out, they switched runways on me while I was gone and I ended up having to go back over the river so I could join the right base for 22.

All in all, not bad I guess. Brad told me to keep everything within 100 feet and 10 degrees and for the most part I think I was pretty successful in that.

I was supposed to fly again on Friday morning, but I think my pocketbook needs a rest so I cancelled that. Besides, with a TAF like this:

TAF CYOW 050240Z 050324 09010KT 1SM -DZ BR OVC003 TEMPO 0305 6SM
FM0500Z 09008KT 4SM -RASN OVC010 TEMPO 0508 1SM -SNRA BR OVC004
BECMG 0608 32015KT
FM0800Z 28015G25KT 6SM -SNRA BKN020 TEMPO 0815 3SM -SN BKN008
FM1500Z 28015G30KT P6SM BKN025

I wouldn’t be flying anways…

My next booking is this Sunday and I’m hoping to get my Cornwall / Brockville cross country out of the way. If the weather is good, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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