Top 50 things to do before you die

Dave wrote (quite a while ago too) how he ranks on this top 50 list. I only found this today when checking out Boris’ site because someone had commented on it. I thought it sounded like fun, so I’m posting the list here too. :)

Here’s list (and what I’ve done):

  1. Swim with dolphins
  2. Dive the GBR
  3. Fly on Concorde
  4. Whale watching: Like Boris, I’m not sure that I’ve ever been on an official whale watching tour, but I have seen whales many times, including when kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean
  5. Dive with sharks
  6. Skydive: yep, many many times. I think my log book lists at least 50 jumps
  7. Hot air ballooning: Went for Amy’s birthday one year here in Ottawa.
  8. Fly a jet: Nope – but someday for sure!
  9. Go on safari
  10. See Aurora Borealis: Hmmm…maybe
  11. Walking the Inca Trail: Not yet, but I’ve been wanting to go down to Peru with Paul so…
  12. Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge
  13. Visiting a paradise island: For some reason I don’t think Hawaii (Oahu) counts…
  14. Driving a Formula 1 car
  15. Whitewater rafting: several times, all in the Ottawa river though
  16. Walking the Great Wall of China
  17. Doing a bungee jump: No desire to do this
  18. Train journey across the Canadian Rockies
  19. Driving down Route 66
  20. Helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon: Probably not a helicopter tour, but I will fly over it.
  21. Travelling on the Orient Express
  22. Bathing an elephant
  23. Visiting Antarctica
  24. Riding a Harley Davidson
  25. Cowboy ranching
  26. Climbing Mount Everest
  27. Experiencing a waterfall: as in seeing one up close and personal? Yep, done that.
  28. Seeing the Earth from space
  29. Exploring the Galapagos Islands
  30. Trekking through a rainforest: I think the tour we did down in Puerto Vallarta counts…
  31. Galloping a horse along a beach
  32. Exploring the Pyramids: In Egypt? I explored some in Mexico.
  33. Travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  34. Watching the sun rise or set at Uluru
  35. Wingwalking: as in on a bi-plane?!
  36. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro
  37. A flight over a volcano
  38. Husky sledding
  39. Glacier hiking: close…skiing a glacier at Blackcomb
  40. Riding the world’s rollercoasters: You betcha! Bush Gardens (Florida), Alton Towers (England), Canada’s Wonderland (Toronto)…
  41. Blue Marlin fishing in the Florida Keys
  42. Paragliding: After skydiving and learning to fly a real plane, not too interested in this
  43. Playing golf on Augusta National Golf Course
  44. Trek to see a gorilla
  45. Seeing tigers in the wild
  46. Hurtling down the Cresta Run
  47. Walt Disney World: Yep
  48. Las Vegas Casinos
  49. Watching orang-utans: As Dave said, does a zoo count?!
  50. Watching polar bears: Same as the orang-utans.

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