I landed a plane today

Despite staying up until 4 am this morning and only getting 5 hours of sleep, I still managed to make it to my flying lesson today.

Trev and I headed to the club at around 10 am to get some breakfast. I think that breakfast quite possibly saved my life! Met up with Shane and chatted for a bit before my 11 am lesson. Mace headed home after breakfast and I went with Brad for a pre-flight briefing. We briefed Range and Endurance today and it was the most difficult briefing yet! Not because the material was all that difficult to understand, but because I was seriously hung over and couldn’t really think straight.

Well eventually it was time to jump in the plane and head to the practice area. I actually got to do the whole take off today and it went quite well. I ended up kind of drifting off to the right a little prematurely but eventually got things under control. We made our way to the practice area (which was super busy today) and practiced flying for both range and endurance. Then Brad decided he’d show me a few new things. He showed me the effect of flaps and a crazy steep decent using flaps. He also stalled the plane on us (on purpose of course) and showed me what that was like.

After about an hour or so we headed back to the airport. He talked me through setting up for a landing and before I knew it we were on final approach and I was doing the landing! It was amazing! Landed the plane and headed back to the club. After I got out of the plane my head was just pounding…so I went home and got some more sleep. :)

And speaking of sleep…it’s about time for some more.

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