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Game over! #GoSensGoWhoa - talk about windy out there. Today’s lunch run is going to be interesting@likethejar @activesteveThis is livingInteresting, Siri thinks that Alfie is God #gosensgoTesting out using my Flickr account as my ‘image service’ instead of twitpic, yfrog, etc with thanks to @gdzl_la2012 Cycling Total2012 Running Total

The Sears Great Canadian Run – 2015

My Goal
$3,000.00 CAD
$3,330.00 CAD

You may have noticed that the Stones of Stone didn’t manage to get a team into any of the Curl for Cancer type events this year – sadly we couldn’t get all of our schedules to match up with an event. As such, I haven’t done my yearly plea for charity donations…yet. This is such a plea. Sticking with the cancer theme (as always), but shifting it slightly this year – my fundraising efforts will be focused on raising money for the fight against kids cancer, by taking part in the Sears Great Canadian Run.

I’ve never been a very good curler, but considering I only ever do it once a year, in a non-competitive atmosphere, that’s not all that surprising. Running, on the other hand, I’m ok at – so when Greg sent me an email earlier this year, asking if I’d be interested in joining him on this 100 km adventure, I jumped at the chance. It’ll just be the two of us on the team, splitting the 100Km between us, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of a 50+ km running day (there will be a few legs of the event we will both do, so it won’t just be 50 km each). The run itself is from Ottawa (The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum) to Montebello (Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello) along roads and trails. I’m not sure what (if any) goals Greg and I will set for ourselves, other than finishing – but it should be an interesting day in any event. Hopefully the weather will be ok.

The event takes place on Oct 3rd, 2015 – so still lots of time time to donate. Any amount you can spare would be very much appreciated! I’ve decided that since I normally don a kilt for the fundraising events I attend, if I hit my super stretch goal of $3000, I’ll wear my kilt for this event too. To make things easy, you can simply click ***here*** to donate.


UPDATE: A friend has offered up one of his custom made pens as a prize! Anyone who donates $20 or more will be entered into a draw for a chance to win. To see an example of what the pen looks like, see here.

#beer365 Challenge

Last year I did a #100daysofbeer challenge after a coworker asked me about all the beer I was drinking. I had decided to try having a different beer every day in June and once the question was asked,

“Are you doing some sort of 100 beer challenge or something?”

My response, of course, was “Challenge Accepted!” And so my 30 days of different beers turned into a different beer for 100 days.

I enjoyed the challenge, so then I started thinking I’d maybe try a 365 day challenge where I have a different beer every day for a year.

I started on Jan 1st, 2015, so assuming I stick with this, I should finish on New Year’s Eve. :)

Update: Already missed a day (d’oh!) so new finish date should be Jan 6th, 2016.

Read more below to see what beers I drank.

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F#*K Cancer!

It’s been more than a year since the Stones kilted up and hit the ice, so if you were a previous donor to our yearly fundraising efforts, you probably thought (or maybe hoped) you were finally rid of the yearly plea from me, but unfortunately I’m back to say that isn’t the case.

While for the last 4 years we have made the trek back to Freddy Beach and participated in the Curl for Cancer event at the Fredericton Curling Club, this year we are sticking closer to home and participating in the “F#*K Cancer” event at the Richmond Curling Club. Why the change? The short answer is that the FCC isn’t operating this year – that and it’s getting tougher and tougher to get away for a weekend in the middle of hockey season. I will miss the road trip – that’s for sure. Last year we even managed to get ‘thrown out’ of the Unibroue brewery (at 8 am) – apparently they don’t do brewery tours there, but they don’t lock their doors either…

In keeping with my lazy ways, sadly I didn’t bother to write up a summary of last year’s event – so once again, I’ll give you the short version. The Stones of Stone managed to take the top team fundraiser award (over $5600 raised) – keeping our streak alive and extending it to 4 years. There was some curling that happened, and lots of Picaroons consumed. A good time was had by all.

We hope to continue our streak this year (albeit at a different event), and that is where you lovely people come in. The event is happening on April 5th, so we’re less that 3 weeks away! No time to lose – if you can spare a few bucks then please consider donating to this worthy cause.

Thankfully, Dave has once again done up a promo video for us to help get the word out. Take a minute and check it out:

***** Donate here: *****

Curl for Cancer 2013

Here we are again, it’s nearly time for Curl for Cancer at the Fredericton Curling Club and that means…fundraising time again. This will be my 5th Curl for Cancer event since the death of my mom in October of 2007, and as usual my team, Stones of Stone, are hoping to bring home the top fundraising award like we have the past 3 years. That, of course, is where you come in. :)

Like last year, the Stones of Stone will be sporting matching kilts and tams! There is a small change to our roster this year, with Dave, who was previously handling photography and social media relations, joining the team as a curler. Sadly, with a somewhat last minute change to the date of the event, and a lack of communicating that change effectively, Grant will not be able to make it to the event this year. It’s nice that Dave will be getting a chance to curl though this year after putting in so much time ‘riding the pine’. :)

I got lazy last year and didn’t write up a summary of the event, but the short version is that we raised a crap load of money (Stones of Stone once again pulled in more than 25% of the total amount raised for the event) and had a lot of fun. No idea where we finished with respect to the actual curling – but that is secondary to the fundraising so it really doesn’t matter.

One change I am making this year is that I *will not* be going for the top individual fundraiser award this year. I’ve won it 4 years in a row but finally last year I had some serious competition from a local guy. I was happy to see that people were finally taking the fundraising serious and trying for the award. I’m hoping that he goes for it again this year. At any rate, I’m still hoping to raise a bunch of money, but instead of donating to me directly, I’d really appreciate it if you could donate to my Team instead. It’s a team game, and we work hard as a team to raise a bunch of money, so the only award we’ll be going for is the Top Team Fundraising Award – and maybe an award for the team who drinks the most Picaroons on event day. :)

As usual, the StonesOfStone twitter account will be active leading up to, and on the date of, the event. That will likely be the best place to get updates and photos.

So with all that preamble (I hope you’re still with me), the Stones of Stone fundraising page can be found ***** here *****.

I’m hoping I can count on those of you who have previously sponsored me and those who I have sponsored for other events.  The event takes place on Jan 26th, 2013, so no time to waste – sponsor me now!

If you’re reading this in December, consider this one of your last chances to get a tax receipt for the 2012 tax year, and if you’re reading this in January, think of this as getting a head start on your donations for 2013. :)

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My First Triathlon – A Sprint Distance (750m/30km/5km)

Happy Finishers

It’s been a long while since I posted anything on this blog, but just last weekend I completed my first ever triathlon, and I figured that was as good a reason as any to start posting again. The race was The Canadian Sprint Triathlon, put on by Somersault here in Ottawa on Sept, 1, 2012.

Below you’ll find my race report, but first, a little background: I set a goal for myself of doing an Ironman in my 40th year (2015) after going to watch my brother complete his first Ironman (at IMLP) in the year he turned 40 (2010). Not only do I want to complete it, naturally I want to beat my brother’s time. So since 2010, I’ve been threatening to sign up and participate in a triathlon – any triathlon – to get my feet wet. Turns out this year was finally the year, and I have my friend Dave to thank for that – he went and signed up for this race and then told me about it. I couldn’t NOT sign up after that. Thanks Dave!

So with that little bit of background out of the way, here is what happened on race day for me. Continue reading My First Triathlon – A Sprint Distance (750m/30km/5km)

2012 Curl for Cancer Fundraising

Fundraising Goal

100 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $2,500.00

Achieved: $2665.00

Make a donation!

It’s nearly time to head back to Fredericton and participate in Curl for Cancer at the Fredericton Curling Club and that means fundraising time again. This is my 4th Curl for Cancer event since the death of my mom (from cancer) in October of 2007, and I’m hoping that once again my team, Stones of Stone, will bring home the top fundraising award like we have the past 2 years. It looks like we might actually have some competition this year so your help is definitely needed!

This year the Stones of Stone will take it up a notch by wearing *matching* kilts and tams! Once again, Dave will be joining us as our official team photographer / social media relations person / alternate curler, and he will even be wearing a kilt like the rest of the team this year. Dave created and updated the @StonesOfStone twitter account for us last year so who knows what he has in store for us this year. Be sure to follow along on event day.

For those who are interested, the summary from last year’s event can be found here.

My personal fundraising page, can be found ***** here *****.

The Stones of Stone fundraising page can be found ***** here *****.

I’m hoping I can count on those of you who have previously sponsored me and those who I have sponsored for other events.  The event takes place on Jan 21st, 2012, so no time to waste – sponsor me now!

If you’re reading this in December, consider this one of your last chances to get a tax receipt for the 2011 tax year, and if you’re reading this in January, think of this as getting a head start on your donations for 2012. :)

UPDATE: Dec 31st, 2011 – I’ve made it to halfway to my goal! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far!

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2011 Curl for Cancer Recap

team photo

A couple weekends ago, JK, Grant, Dave and myself piled into my old Mazda and drove 1000+ kms (overnight Thursday thanks to an impending storm) to meet up with Trev to participate in Curl for Cancer at the Fredericton Curling Club.

Huge thanks to Dave who agreed to come along this year as our team photographer / videographer.  We have him to thank for all the photos and videos that can be found on Flickr.  On top of taking photos, he also handled all the social media for the team. The Stones of Stone twitter account was born on the trip down – feel free to check it out for a blow by blow of the weekend.  By next year we’re hoping that Dave will add bagpiper to his resume.  :)

As I alluded to in my plea for donations post, I had set a goal of winning the top individual fundraiser award again this year, and as a team we hoped to take home the top team fundraiser award. I started out with a personal goal of raising $1600, which was slightly more than what I brought in last year, and a team goal of $4K.  Thanks to an overwhelming response to my pleas this year, I’m very happy to report that I was able to bump up my goal to $2K and still blow it out of the water! As a result, it was mission accomplished with respect to winning the top individual fundraiser award by bringing in a total of $2388.75. (That’s 3 in a row for me – every year I’ve participated.)  As for the team – I couldn’t be prouder of the boys’ efforts – we raised a whopping $5777 and secured the top team fundraiser award again this year!  Thank you so much to each and every person who sponsored me / us this year – I can’t thank everyone enough for that! (By the way, I’ve heard that the total amount raised by the event was $19K and based on the information I have, our team – one of 16 – actually had the top four individual fundraisers for the event and we brought in nearly 30% of the grand total for the whole event! I’m pretty damn happy about that – well done boys!)

So that covers the fundraising part of the event, but what about the curling? You may or may not recall that last year the Stones, in their debut as a team, somehow managed to win 3rd place. I’ll be the first to admit that was largely due to a lot of luck on our side. This year was not much different – we still seemed to have luck on our side in the end. The way points were awarded this year changed significantly from last year in an effort to minimize the effect of very lopsided games I guess. Believe it or not, this may have actually helped us. The way it went is that the winner of the game got 10 points (5 each for a tie) plus a point for each end they won, plus the point differential, up to a maximum of 5, which means the best you could do was 19 points for a game (10+4+5).  After the first draw (for both groups), the Stones of Stone were tied for first after scoring the maximum 19 points. After the second draw (for both groups) we sat in 4th or 5th since we only managed a single point for winning one end of our second game. But as luck would have it, for the third and final draw of the day, the two teams that were ahead of us in our group ended up playing each other, and the two teams that were ahead of us in the other group also played each other! Long story short – since we scored the maximum 19 points for our last game, we actually managed to finish 3rd overall again this year! Awesome!

The final thing I need to mention is the outcome of the second annual Haggerty grudge match. This year it was Ed (Dad), Marie, Kate and Mike representing the Haggertys. Once again the game took place at the end of the day. They drew first blood and picked up a point in the first end, but we countered with five (yes 5!) in the 2nd end to take a commanding lead. I’m happy to report it was all downhill from there for the Haggertys as we picked up another point in the 3rd and then another 4 in the 4th and final end. I’m hoping they come back with a better effort next year.  ;)

2011 Curl for Cancer Fundraising

Fundraising Goal

119 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $2,000.00

Achieved: $2,418.75

Happy New Year!

It’s coming up on that time of year again – time to head back to Fredericton and participate in Curl for Cancer at the Fredericton Curling Club.  This is an event I’ve participated in twice since the death of my mom (from cancer) in October of 2007.  I missed the first year that my brothers and sister and dad put a team in, but have been involved in the two events since then and plan to attend all future events.

This is pretty much the only fundraiser that I participate in every year, and as such I try to do my best in terms of raising money.  This isn’t a huge event where you get free stuff just for participating – it’s a fairly small event that normally brings in around 20K or so total.  I’m pretty happy to say that last year my team was responsible for bringing in about a quarter of the total amount raised, and the top 2 or 3 fundraisers were all on my team!  Once again I’ll be shooting for top individual fundraiser, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.  If you can help me out, it would certainly be appreciated.

The summary from last year’s event can be found here and the one from 2009 can be found here.

My personal fundraising page, where you can sponsor me, can be found ***** here *****.

I’m hoping I can count on those of you who have previously sponsored me and those who I have sponsored for other events.  The event takes place on Jan 22nd, 2011, so no time to waste – sponsor me now!  :)

UPDATE (Jan 20th): I’ve met my STRETCH goal of $2K! Huge thanks to everyone who has donated/sponsored me and my team!

9 Run Run race report

October 23rd was the date of the first annual 9 Run Run event.  The race took place here in Stittsville, so I really had no excuse NOT to run – although I did leave it until a few weeks before the race to actually sign up.  They offered a 3km family run and a half marathon distance race.  I opted for the longer distance while Amy took the kids on the family run.  Due to the fact that the half marathon started before the family run, I wasn’t able to do both unfortunately.

Race day was a bit chilly, but pretty much ideal running weather.  As usual, I was fighting off a bit of a cold for a couple days before the race, and when I got up race day morning, I was feeling less than 100%.  In the end though, I’m happy to report, that didn’t seem to make much difference.

In the interests of keeping this post short, I’ll try to sum up the race pretty quick.  I managed a personal best at the half marathon distance with a time of 1:38:07, which is an improvement of over 6 minutes on my previous PB from back in May.  I’m ecstatic about that result!

Place Name City Bib# Time Chip Pace Category Category
45 KEVIN HAGGERTY STITTSVILLE 2608 1:38:13.5 1:38:07.5 4:40 Men 30 – 39 8/54 37/211

As for the race itself, there wasn’t much to speak of – it just sort of happened.  I had set up RK on my iPhone to a target pace of 4:44 / km, which would have gotten me a time of around 1:40:00, which was my goal time.  As expected, I started out a bit fast.  At around km 3, I met Eric, who was also looking for a time between 1:40:00 and 1:42:00.  I mentioned to him that we were a bit fast on our pace, but Eric said that he was feeling good so I eventually let him go ahead while I decided to keep it a bit more conservative.  I kept my eye on him though, and he never got more than 50 to 100 feet ahead of me.

The final 8km or so of the race were on the TransCanada Trail that I run on way too much, so it felt familiar.  Just as I turned onto the trail, there was an aid station.  One young volunteer was holding out an energy gel, which I went to grab, but at the last second she pulled it away from me.  I looked at her as if to say, “Huh?!” and she immediately said, “Sorry!  I’ll run it up to you!”  I told her not to worry about it.  Thinking about it later, I figure this is what happened:  I turned onto the trail and saw the aid station.  I must have been expecting water and so when I saw the gel, I hesitated a bit and must have pulled my arm back just a tad before realizing it was a gel and that I did in fact want it.  I figure that slight hesitation must have been interpreted as me not wanting the gel so she pulled it away.  Anyway, it didn’t really matter, and I had a good chuckle about it.  What really made me smile was the fact that one of the volunteers DID run a gel up to me!  He indicated that he had wanted to do the run himself, so he was happy to get some running in.  I was really grateful and chatted with him for a few minutes while I ran.

The only other funny thing I saw was again, just after I turned onto the trail.  As I mentioned, I had been keeping my eyes on Eric, and had been slowly reeling him back in as the race went on.  When we got to the trail, he was maybe 30 feet ahead of me.  I saw him move to the right of the trail and then take a tumble.  I wondered what that was all about…  Due to the tumble, I caught up with him sooner rather than later and told him as I was running by that we were still ahead of pace for a 1:40:00.  He tucked in behind him and then eventually came back up beside me.  We finished the last 5 km of the race side by side, pushing each other.  I asked him after the race what happened, why the tumble?  He told me that he had stashed a gel flask on the side of the trail the night before, and that in his mind the pick-up went a lot smoother.  :)

All in all a fantastic race – can’t wait to see how much quicker I can run the half in May.

RK track can be found here.

Full race results here.

Oh and good luck to Eric who is running Boston next year!  I’ll get there eventually…

Perth Kilt Run race report – 5 months late

Perth Kilt Run

I’m sure the suspense has been killing you, waiting to hear how the Perth Kilt Run went, and more importantly…did I manage to beat Grant?  Well wait no longer (5 months is long enough I think).  Who am I kidding – I’m sure anyone who actually cares already knows what happened, but I’ll write it out here for posterity anyway.  :)

The race was the evening of June 26th, a Saturday.  It started at 1800, the latest race start I’ve experienced.  This was the shortest distance race I’ve ever run (not counting the sprinting I did in elementary school of course) and I was trying to psyche myself up to push as hard as I could…sort of.  My plan, as usual when I race with Grant, was to simply stay beside him for the whole race and then beat him at the end.  Traditionally that strategy has NEVER worked for me, but I was hoping things would be different this time.  A guy’s gotta have a dream right?

Long story short: I beat him!  (Just barely)  The somewhat longer story follows.  We lined up near the front of the pack for the race start.  The start of the race was a bit of a surprise to most, if I recall correctly, with a rather loud bang (gun? cannon? can’t recall really) starting things off before anyone expected it.  I was fiddling with my iPhone, trying to get RK to track me, but eventually gave up.  I later manually added the track.  Right from the start I was a bit uncomfortable – this certainly wasn’t a leisurely training run.  Grant and I were running at around a 4:30/km pace pretty consistently for the first few kms but when we got to the golf course, it felt like we really slowed down.  It didn’t help that the km markers were off by quite a bit (as evidenced by the fact that one km was timed at over 5:30 and another at under 3:30).  There was at least once when I felt like I was struggling a bit to keep pace with Lawson, but there were also times when I held back so as not to drop him.  Not sure what he’d say about that.  :)

The last stretch of the race (I’d say the last 250-300m) was a straight shot just after taking a 90 degree corner.  The last race I raced with Grant he put in a finishing kick at around 500m to go – I was expecting the same this time.  I was watching him as we rounded the last corner and then I decided that instead of waiting for him to go and trying to stay with him, I’d see what I could do.  I picked up the pace and didn’t look back.  With a few meters to go, I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye, coming up beside me.  I turned on the jets for the last 3 or 4 steps to make sure I’d finish ahead of him.  I’d done it!  I was pretty happy.  :)

After all was said and done, I’d beaten him by a measly 1.2 seconds – basically nothing, but it didn’t matter to me, I was on top of the world.  I’ve told him that was the TSN turning point of my life, and from now on, I’m not losing another race to him.  Who knows – he’s still beaten me A LOT more than I’ve ever beaten him.  It’s all just good fun (for me anyway).

Relevant (to this post) Results:

Place Name City Bib# Time Chip Pace Category Category
44 KEVIN HAGGERTY STITTSVILLE 439 36:17.0 36:08.1 7:16 Men 35 – 39 4/48 39/492
45 GRANT LAWSON OTTAWA 591 36:17.5 36:09.2 7:16 Men 35 – 39 5/48 40/492

Full results can be found here.

The record attempt was successful, I think.  I really hope they make this run an annual thing – I really enjoyed it.  Great atmosphere and well…being surrounded by fit women in kilts is never a bad thing.  :)

One of my favourite memories:  Bonnie (Grant’s wife) telling me, immediately after the race, that she was really surprised to see me in front on the final stretch.  :)

Grant will paint a different picture, including the fact that the sneakers he wore were too big, etc…  It’s all just noise if you ask me.